It Mattered to Me: The People that Changed My Life for the Better (my siblings)

Thoughts about my older sister:

A year after I had graduated high school, I didn’t really think about my future beyond college graduation. I was a commuting college student taking a full load and working 2 part time jobs. My biggest indulgence was going to see movies, and my favorite movie partner was my older sister.

One weekend we rented the movie Before Sunrise and then went to see Before Sunset in theaters a few days later. We spent literally hours talking about Before Sunrise, and when we walked into the theater to see Before Sunset we kept trying to check ourselves from expecting too much only to be disappointed.

When the end credits rolled and we walked out of the theater, I felt like I was floating. I turned to my sister and she had the same dreamy look on her face. We recognized the shared expressions and started talking really fast, overlapping and interjecting with other insights or exclamations that the film brought out in us. It was one of the best nights of my life.

My little sister:

I have always described myself as loyal, and I seek after loyalty in my friends and my family. I sometimes think of loyalty as dutiful, responsible, honorable or some kind of boring affectation that fits into my own personality. My little sister is loyal, but she is very different in comparison. Her interests, her passions, the way she goes about things is entirely different from me. She is the kind of brave that I envy, the kind of dreamer that I admire.

When I was in shock the months after my boy was born, she would show up ready to hold him as I ran into the bathroom to doze off in the shower. She still shows up to make my son laugh at her funny faces or tell me about a new recipe that involves figs and carmelized-I-don’t-know-what-I’m-too-busy-rolling-my-eyes-to-listen-to-the-rest-of-these-ingredients-sorry-not-sorry.

My little brother:

I am a good singer. This does not mean I am a great singer, just good. Years of disuse has made my singing voice unreliable, but I still fall back on being a good singer. Once after a concert or some silly performance in high school, I was at home and my little brother came into my room and said, “Nani, you have a good voice.” I smiled and said thank you, but inside I was beaming.

My little brother has such a quiet way of making those around him feel good. He is the only boy of three girls and the baby. He charmed us all as a little kid with just a smile. He still charms with little effort. Now that he is a new dad, I can’t wait to see the generous love he will shower down on his son.