This Is the World I Live In

After a week of feeling angry and helpless and sad at everything that is going on in the world, after the meanness I’ve been feeling for strangers on the train, co-workers, basically  most everyone that have had the misfortune of being in my sphere, after feeling sorry for myself for longer than I should have, I decided to stop. Or pause, at least.

I thought about the I world live in. I thought how small I’ve made it. I don’t ever mind that it’s small. I choose my words. I try to be sincere. I love the people that I love. I pretend that I don’t see when life is unfair or random or mean. I don’t always have to pretend. I see moments of kindness. I see imperfect people trying to do their best. I see how much more difficult I could have it. I see that I don’t always have to be afraid.

Christmas is coming up so fast and I feel like I’m finally starting to catch my breath.

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