On Yoga

I went to my first Restorative Yoga class tonight and though I immediately paused at the Tarot-like “words of wisdom” cards that they passed out at the beginning of class. I’m glad I went. My yoga studio cancelled my 6AM Saturday yoga and replaced my Wednesday Pilates Barre class with a sprightly dance/barre class. Pretty much any form of exercise that incorporates dance especially, and I realize how hokey I sound when I say this, “sexy” dance moves, makes me wish I was anywhere else doing basically anything else. Ballet has seemed to be the exception (but, like, totally amateur, just-for-fun ballet).

I’ve been slightly adrift ever since. I hope by going to yoga last¬†Saturday at 8AM and then to tonight’s class, I’ll get back into my groove. I walk to the trax every morning and night, but as my job requires so much sitting, I know I need to do something a bit extra.

The Restorative class has less postures, but you stay in them much longer. The instructor, Alexis had such a calm voice and towards the end of class she moved my head and shoulders (technical term?) and smelled of spearmint. I think I’ll go back.

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