Family Cross-Stich Project


My crafting experience is only gift knitter, but the Christmas season that begins right after Labor Day for all gift knitters is upon us and I have put it into my head that I’d like to start a cross stitching project that I saw on Martha Stewart.

I can vaguely remember a cross stitching project I did when I was middle school age, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count as I quit half way through the project. I also have it into my head that I’d like to include my genealogy with this project. My mom assures me that our genealogy is “done”, but we are sometimes a family of…what’s the opposite of oversharers? Close-to-the-vesters? Secretive? That’s sounds worse than it is.

My maternal grandma died before I was born. My maternal grandpa lives in California whom we saw once a year from the time I was born until I moved out of my mom’s house. Both paternal grandparents live in New Zealand. The stories of any great-grandparents are so vague as to be barely remembered. I’d like to know those people. Even if it’s just to get an idea of who they were to include in this project. Does that sound silly?