3 Day Facelift Diet: Day One

I’ve always relied on the husband to set our meal plans, mostly because my culinary expertise hovers around bowls of cereal and grilled cheese sandwiches. When I heard about Dr. Perricone’s 3 day face lift (via), I thought the short length could give me a peek at the foods I should be eating and those I should be avoiding. Also, I forced the husband to do this with me. Strength in numbers!

This TED talk gave me the push I needed to at least try:

So here it goes, Day 1

Breakfast: I woke up early and made this steel cut oatmeal recipe. I topped the oatmeal with honey and banana slices. The husband had two hardboiled eggs and the oatmeal. Apparently, oatmeal is more the husband’s thing. I picked at my oatmeal and finished the banana. Water to drink.

Snack: I had a handful of raw almonds and a banana. Yum!

Lunch: I was not altogether prepared for lunch. I had the saddest salad ever just spinach leaves and lightly salted cucumber slices. I could’ve brought a homemade dressing, but I left it at home. Boo. I also had a sandwich bag full of grapes. Water throughout the day.

Afternoon snack: a handful of pistachios.

Dinner: This was when I tried to make quinoa for the first time and remembered that everything I liked about the quinoa salad I had was not actually the quinoa. Grumpy eating of quinoa commenced. Dr. P suggests that wild Alaskan salmon be eaten twice a day. The filets we got at Costco were pretty big, so wash? We also had steamed broccoli with salt and pepper. My favorite!

After dinner, the husband made a kale and fruit smoothie. It had Trader Joe’s honey greek yogurt, kale, pineapples, mangoes and bananas.

I had pretty intense bread cravings through out the day to which the lil sis pointed out how pathetic I am seeing as how this is the first day. I was surprised how sated I could be by reaching for fruit when I wanted something sweet. On to day two!

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