General Women’s Meeting

I am often confronted with the very real lack of who I would like to be. The person I aspire to looks a little like me. She has shinier hair and flawless skin. She never trips over her words and always says the right thing at the right time. She is brave and confident. She is kind and empathetic to others. She extends herself to those in need and doesn’t feel deprived of anything. She is a taller me, both physically and emotionally.

The reality though, the real me is not like that. I try. I fail. I don’t mind most of the time in my failings, the trying is usually enough. When I watched the General Women’s Meeting¬†yesterday, I was so happy, relieved even, to be reminded that the real me is okay. The me that I am, the me that I would like to be.

I was really moved by Sister Neil F. Marriott’s talk. She talked about strengthening our faith, being the kind of person that pushes away the darkness and being a person of truth and light. I was inspired enough to see that person so clearly. She is still not quite the real me, but I feel her closely. I feel that each day I can be more and more like her until I am her or that she is me.

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