Doctor Who “Listen”

doctor who peter Steven Moffat is like the Doctor. He takes you away from your otherwise dull reality and transports you into something that’s magic. It’s maddening too. Occasionally, erratic. He is cleverer than you, but he lies. You trust in his goodness though. You trust that by choosing you for this adventure, he sees the brilliance in you that you only hope is there. Somewhere.

The trick is that watching Doctor Who can feel like magic and other times you’re reminded that it’s just a television show. No madman exists in a blue box. A curtain pulls back and all you see are blundering plots or a weak tag line disguised as a story.

Last week’s “Listen” revolved around the Doctor and Clara exploring the monster underneath the bed. It turned into an examination of fear. Clara says fear is a companion to us all. Being afraid isolates us. And yet sometimes it reminds us to listen to a kind and familiar voice telling us we are afraid, but we are not lost. We can be strong. We can face the monsters or the darkness. We can be brilliant and clever and more like those people we always thought we could be.

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