Office Space Ideas

The husband and I moved into our home at the beginning of the year. We were immediately bowled over by the urban style of the main level with its loft ceilings, expansive kitchen and brick wall. When we moved in we poured most of our attention to that space.

Which means the top and bottom levels felt a little unfinished. All of the necessary living stuffs are here, the furniture and major appliances. My books, my record player have homes. I really just need to stop fantasizing about the delicious rooms in Elle Decor. Currently, I am crushing hard on Emily Henderson and Jenny Komenda’s DIY styles. Both ladies are not afraid of color, which is a constant struggle for my neutral default.

There are so many ideas I have and so little time and money that I can devote. For now, I’d like to focus on the office.

My two inspirations are Ikea hacks. The second hack was from Kelli Anderson and I am much too intimidated by it to try to DIY that business. So gorgeous.

My hope is to complete something a bit more satisfying by Christmas. For now, I’m a little too embarrassed to post a Before photo until I have an inkling of an After.

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