Solo Dance Party

I have always been a habitual worrier. List making and obsessive preparedness helps. Exercise too, when I find the motivation. Hobbies, sometimes. Good chats with friends and check ins with the husband. An engrossing book/tv show/movie offers escape. All attractive outlets, but this past week I’ve found that for times when I need a few minutes to keep my brain from panicking, I’ve been deferring exclusively to the solo dance party. The following tunes have been much needed mood lifters:

From Left to Right: Robyn “Fembot” || Janelle Monae ft Erykah Badu “Q.U.E.E.N.” || Sam Smith “Money On My Mind” || Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” || Lucy Pearl “Dance Tonight” || Sia “Chandelier”

2 thoughts on “Solo Dance Party

  1. Bad Gifter says:

    Ugh. I kinda love the T. Swift video. She’s typically adorbs. I feel like I have to address the young dancer in the Sia vid:

    1) She is amazing.

    2) The majority of that was a type of nightmare fuel, for me. Creeped me right the heck out.

    3) If Yuen Woo-ping got his choreography hands on her, she would be the new Michelle Yeoh, and I would watch the heck out of any movie she was in. Just keep her away from Takashi Shimizu.

    Hope your brain has settled.


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